June 15, 2012
"The female was lost at a critical juncture in the wolves history. The shortage of females means the wolves, which have been on the island since the 1950s, may well go extinct. There is one other known female on the island who is believed to have mated, but the scientists won’t know that until get a glimpse of pups later this summe"

Isle Royale wolf mystery solved, sadly

(Source: startribune.com)

February 4, 2012
"In Ontario, in the winter of 1997, a particularly virile male wolf stepped onto the ice of Lake Superior and headed toward Isle Royale, an island about 15 miles offshore. There he radically changed the genetic makeup of an isolated group of wolves that had lived there since the late 1940s."

— New York Times

(Source: The New York Times)

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